History of the CBA

The Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver (CBA) was founded in 1895 by six pioneers who saw a need to establish an organization that would provide mutual support and leadership within the Chinese Canadian community. In 1906, CBA was formally registered as a non-profit organization in the province of British Columbia.

Since its inception, the CBA has worked diligently to promote equality for Chinese Canadians and to foster better understanding with other community groups. Highlights of our past efforts include food distribution to unemployed Chinese Canadians in 1913, a plea to review Canada's immigration laws in 1924, an appeal to grant Chinese Canadians the right-to-vote in 1947, and numerous petitions between 1947 and 1967 to solicit amendments to Canadian immigration laws to facilitate the reunification of Chinese Canadian families.

During the last three decades, the CBA has continued to focus its activities on the changing needs of our community. Our community involvement includes the creation of an affiliated non-profit society to provide low cost housing and frequent fund raising campaigns to assist the victims of natural disasters in Canada and China. More recently, the CBA has become the organizer for many social and multi-cultural projects including popular annual events such as the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) Parade and the Canada Day Celebration.

The CBA celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006. As recognition for its valuable community contributions in the past century, the CBA was inducted into the Vancouver Board of Trade's Business Hall of Fame. This was the very first time an ethnic community association has been installed into this prestigious group by the Vancouver Board of Trade.

The Vancouver Sun also acknowledged the crucial role the CBA has played for the Chinese Canadian community. On the eve of CBA's 100th anniversary, the Vancouver Sun published a 3-page featured article entitled: “The Government of Chinatown”.